Beroep bedrijfsmaatschappelijk werker



  • Social work theory
  • Social justice
  • Company policies
  • Social sciences
  • Social entreprise
  • Legal requirements in the social sector


  • Advise on social enterprise
  • Apply organisational techniques
  • Work within communities
  • Apply crisis intervention
  • Promote social change
  • Address problems critically
  • Organise social work packages
  • Deliver social services in diverse cultural communities
  • Develop professional network
  • Consider social impact of actions on service users
  • Manage social crisis
  • Advocate for social service users
  • Apply case management
  • Accept own accountability
  • Manage stress in organisation
  • Plan social service process
  • Build helping relationship with social service users
  • Negotiate with social service users
  • Communicate with social service users
  • Work in partnership with social services users
  • Tolerate stress
  • Listen actively
  • Develop professional identity in social work
  • Undertake continuous professional development in social work
  • Adhere to organisational guidelines
  • Apply decision making within social work
  • Apply socially just working principles
  • Delegate activities
  • Apply anti-oppressive practices
  • Provide social counselling
  • Report on social development
  • Apply holistic approach within social services
  • Involve service users and carers in care planning
  • Assess social service users' situation
  • Protect vulnerable social service users
  • Make legislation transparent for users of social services
  • Prevent social problems
  • Reflect on practice
  • Maintain records of work with service users
  • Apply problem solving in social service
  • Conduct interview in social service
  • Promote service users' rights
  • Apply quality standards in social services
  • Have computer literacy
  • Handle conflicts
  • Work in a multicultural environment in health care
  • Demonstrate leadership in social service cases
  • Cooperate at inter-professional level
  • Apply person-centred care
  • Relate empathetically
  • Refer social service users
  • Review social service plan
  • Promote inclusion
  • Manage ethical issues within social services
  • Follow health and safety precautions in social care practices
  • Meet standards of practice in social services
  • Contribute to protecting individuals from harm
  • Negotiate with social service stakeholders
  • Empower social service users
  • Communicate professionally with colleagues in other fields


Het beroep bedrijfsmaatschappelijk werker behoort tot de beroepsgroep Maatschappelijk werkers. Uit onderzoek van Researchcentrum voor Onderwijs en Arbeidsmarkt (2020) is gebleken dat voor deze beroepsgroep de volgende loopbaanperspectieven gelden.

Onderwerp Aantal banen Perspectief
verwachte uitbreidingsvraag tot 20245800  hoog
verwachte vervangingsvraag tot 202410000  gemiddeld
verwachte baanopeningen tot 202415800  gemiddeld
salarisgroei tijdens loopbaan  gemiddeld
uitwijkmogelijkheden naar sector  gemiddeld
substitutiemogelijkheden naar opleidingstype  gemiddeld
samenhang baankans met economie  laag